Tips for Computer Users

Tips for Computer Users to Getting Things Done Efficiently


We all have busy lives, and we have no time to waste, least of all on unproductive computer work. Even though your productivity depends largely on self-interest and motivation, these tips can help you ease up and speed up your work, whether you are an all-day user or not.

Keep your productivity in check

Monitor your daily output and know where you stand. Use an app to monitor your web usage. These apps will keep track of the sites you have visited and how often you have visited them, and how much time you use the computer and how much you stay away from it. A detailed log of how you have spent your day will be given to you along with a productivity rating. A quick glance will let you know where improvements and adjustments need to be done.

Use shortcuts available in your personal computer

Check out the computer shortcuts which help you speed up your work. Apart from the basic cut, copy and paste functions that we all are familiar with using the Ctrl key, much more functions are available at your fingertips allowing you to, say work in multiple desktops and switching in-between.
A quick bit of Googling would get you to a list of such keyboard shortcuts available at your disposal.

Freeing up space

Getting rid of unnecessary files, folders and programs will not only help you focus on what is important but also help your computer run faster. Increase frequency of drive optimization in your computer which will further improve computer performance.
When it comes to your email, get rid the newsletter subscriptions you never had time to read. Enabling filters to get you to focus on the important mail, ridding you of spam and junk mail.

Listing your tasks

List down your things-to-do. You will be able to accomplish your work efficiently and you won’t miss anything. Use apps such as ‘Google Keep’ which works on iOS, Android, and Windows. The mobile and web versions allow syncing allowing flexible use even while on the move.

Block those unwanted sites

Social media is considered a big enemy of productivity at offices. An employee’s attempt for a quick check of Facebook or Instagram feed may result in its use a much longer than anticipated. A few such log-ins will cut down a significant amount of productive time. If employees have trouble staying away from these sites, blocking these sites, or using apps which limit the time of use might be a good idea.


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