Secure Your Business

Secure Your Business With Strong Password

Secure Your Business With Strong Password

The weakest link in the chain of security of your business is its employees. Wherever humans are involved, there is a risk of mistakes which may lead to system security being compromised. Such possibilities can be minimized using a few recommended IT solutions which are designed to protect your business.

Browsing and communication through the internet.

The modern world finds the internet among one of life’s essential, and employees using it may pose a risk to your business unconsciously. Precautionary measures such as usage limitations, prohibition of personal log-ins to sites and piracy downloads may be taken. This can be done by introducing a system of discipline on the use of devices over the internet.
In the case of communication methods such as emails or chat platforms, use of official accounts for personal communication must be avoided and be strictly used for businesses purposes only.

Passwords use and data security.

Weak login passwords used by employees on their business accounts make these accounts vulnerable for hackers. Always emphasize stronger login passwords to employees with the inclusion of hard to assume characters and numbers, with a mix of upper and lowercase letters.
Having a ‘bring your own device to work’ policy is important when operating a business, as employees may have a misunderstanding regarding doing official work on their personal devices. These devices might be shared or lent to outsiders who may come across company folders, documents etc. A clear understanding must be provided to the employee regarding your company policy, indicating that no business-related information can be shared without authorization and such information be treated as the property of the business itself.

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