How to maintain your privacy on Windows 10


How to maintain your privacy on Windows 10

We no longer keep our valuable information physically secure under lock and key within a safe. With the introduction of computers and associated password protected data storage systems, our privacy protection is at a very high level… or is it? 

Despite some rumors regarding Windows 10 data collection policies breaching user privacy rights, these useful tricks will put your mind at ease. 


Switch off location tracking on your devices 

With location tracking enabled, you get a ton of advantages when navigating via maps, getting an Uber or Geotagging your favorite clicks. However, you might want to have some peace from things like local weather and nearby places to visit suggestions every now and then.  

It’s easy. Go to settings and switch off location tracking. Or you can select which apps have access to your location.


Get rid of ad tracking

Ever wondered how you just googled some product and you start seeing ads on similar products on places such as your email platform? It’s all the handiwork of ad tracking which can be easily deactivated. In Windows 10 however, app usage and activity are monitored too. This can be deactivated through settings as well.    



Just like Siri, this Windows assistant gathers a lot of your personal information. Turn it off and clear her cloud information storage to delete all the information she had collected so far. 


Customize your privacy settings 

Go to the Settings app, under Privacy settings, you can customize your preferences for privacy at an advanced level, where detailed preferences can be made. 


Wi-Fi Sense 

Wi-Fi sense allows you to share your network with people. This allows other users to access the bandwidth of your network without them accessing the whole network.  While some may misuse it, you might want to disable “Connect to suggested open hotspots” and “Connect to networks shared my contacts”. 

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